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Dr. Miriam Schwartz-Ziv

ד"ר מרים שוורץ-זיו

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Headshot Miriam Schwartz-Ziv 2021_b.jpg

Dr. Schwartz-Ziv is the Vice Dean for Iinternational Afairs and Senior Lecturer in Finance at the Business School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has published research papers in leading academic journals, and is an associate editor of three academic journals. She was a research fellow at Harvard and an assistant professor at Michigan State University. Dr. Schwartz-Ziv specializes corporate governance (including ESG), boards, controlling shareholders, institutional investors, shareholder votes, and shareholder meetings. She has won several prestigious and large grants, including from the European Research Council and the Israel Science Foundation.


Before her academic career, Dr. Schwartz-Ziv worked as a privatization economist and the head of the energy unit at Israel's Governmental Companies Authority (GCA). She was the GCA's representative on several boards of directors, including the Electric Corporation and the Postal Company. Dr. Schwartz-Ziv is currently an advisor to the research department at the Bank of Israel, a Fellow of the European Corporate Governance Institute, and a board member of “Heatid”.

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